Super League Triathlon took Jersey by storm in September, as 50 of the world’s best tri-athletes
arrived from across the globe to experience Super League Triathlon right here in Jersey! This
brave, new, game-changing format of triathlon was to be streamed live to the rest of the world
from our tiny island.

From the time the athletes started to arrive, the week promised to be diverse and wildly exciting.
In an attempt to immerse these super-athletes into island life and to give them a taste of our
superb coastline, surfing, paddle-boarding and a lobster picnic were obvious and iconic Jersey
activities to include. Watching them embrace each new challenge with assured confidence, one
had a hint of the power and skill that were to be on display on the race days.

As Jersey faced its own challenge of hosting an event in eight weeks, which would ordinarily
take a year of planning, the public were treated to a fast-forward version of scene and course
building. The Waterfront was transformed overnight - out came the street artists and up went the
40 metre long Super Wall in the Fan Zone.

A crowd gathered in the park, along the wall, watching a hunky, tanned, all-male team blasting
the Fan Zone Wall with paints, creating remarkable portraits of some of the athletes. Needless
to say, the predominantly female crowd were there to admire...the artwork! The funky
pseudonyms of Kid Midnight and Bokra conjured up images of cool, cryptic and flamboyant
images- we were not disappointed! Home-grown Jersey talent, charismatic and on display!
Simultaneously, down the track, came the team of techies, purposeful and organized. Up went
the mind-blowing, digital Power Zone, stretching for 60 metres along the track to the finish line!

The crowds were enthralled! Transporting Jersey right along into the digital marketing world, the
possibilities seemed endless. The wall was a Googsi Productions, Crystal Dinosaur, Submarine
Creative and Ekho innovation - powered up by YESSS POWER, the logo was emblazoned
across the mesmerizing digital wall, flashing and fizzing in time to dynamic patterns of sound.

The YESSS company certainly had a presence at this event - Dan Hawksworth, Jersey’s Wild
Card, selected to represent our island and sponsored by YESSS POWER, wore a tri-suit of the
same energized colours and design. His distinctive outfit was impressive and representative of
the energy that YESSS POWER had injected into supporting this event. The POWER ZONE
was an innovative move sponsored by YESSS and a tribute to its belief in the success of the
event, highlighting the visionaries in our society.

Music blaring, announcer voices booming, course matting being hammered down, excited high-
pitched voices of youngsters desperate to catch the attention of one of their Super League
super-heroes...the stage was set for a truly spectacular event.

Saturday broke fair and unseasonably warm, bathing the Elizabeth Marina in warmth, with
yachts and boats basking in the reflected glory, raising Jersey’s profile to be every bit as special as an exotic spot along the Med. The Jersey people, swelled with pride - this was their island, in all its beauty and splendour, now hosting an event that the whole world would watch, as it was streamed live to 375 million viewers across the globe.

Teams of representatives from all sectors of Jersey society and businesses, threw their
considerable energy and enthusiasm into both the Saturday and Sunday mornings’ relay
events. The Corporate Mix offered an opportunity for Jersey and Guernsey triathlon enthusiasts
to become involved in this great event. To avoid any confusion, this wasn’t a flippant, mass
participation event - we’re talking about true, blue hard-core triathletes having a go at a very
technical course! They're the enthusiasts with early morning and late evening routines: swim,
bike, run...rinse, repeat!

The real thrill was to see so many inspired youngsters, distinguishable by their Tristar Jersey
Club kit, powering through the water, hammering out the cadence on the bikes and pounding
the track to finish with jubilance, arms in the air, imagining themselves as the world champions
they had met and trained with over the past few days.

Studio_M and Googsi Creative was the combined media team strategically poised to capture
the drama, tension and joy - cutting to the quick, revealing the raw emotions, fatigue and
determination of these champions. World-class footage and images will forever hold the
memories of this special event. It was thanks to this same team that the backstory of Jersey
was created. A story that presented Jersey to the rest of the world, as a lifestyle, tourist
destination and ideal race venue.

The Triple Mix on Saturday afternoon opened with the men’s elite race followed by the first ever,
women’s elite Super League event. The crowd were treated to the fastest and most breath-
takingly awesome race! The crowds roared their support as each stage drew to a close -the
athletes, hands on knees, gulped air- until the sound of the horn called them to action.They flew
through the water and over the track, taking heart-stopping risks around every corner!

With competitors exhausted to the core, The Triple Mix was over. The leaders at the end of day
one were Blummenfelt, Murray and Brownlee for the men and Zaferes, Spirig and Cook for the

Sunday was ushered in with a blanket of mist, rain and a wet track for the ominous sounding
Eliminator challenge. The loyal crowds watched through windows, from under umbrellas or
hooded against the showers. Crashes on the slippery bike course were plentiful. The field was
cut to only 15 after the first swim-bike- run, then down to 10 after the second round. The crowds
were whipped up into a frenzy of excitement as the number of competitors dwindled to the
mighty few. Only the fastest, fittest and unscathed were left. This is what it was all about - to be
the best of the very best!

The king was crowned - Kristian Blummenfelt from Norway. A deserved winner, who had led
from the first day. The first Super League queen, Katie Zaferes from USA.

Super League brought us something different and exciting. Jersey gave Super League the best
of our community in passion and spirit. We are all winners.

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